Dr. Corey A. Fish
11 Jan 2021Dr. Corey A. Fish

Video: Dr. Corey Gets the COVID Vaccine

Video: Dr. Corey Gets the COVID Vaccine

Our CMO Dr. Corey Fish took his phone along when he received his first dose of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. In this video, you'll hear why Dr. Corey was so excited to get the shot, his take on the rapid development of this vaccine and why vaccine side effects are a good thing for your immune system. 

0:33 Why the new COVID vaccines are safe, even with a rapid development timeline.

Vaccine makers didn’t skip steps when making the new COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccines go through a rigorous testing and trial process. (Learn more about that in our COVID vaccine Q&A.) And Dr. Corey immersed himself in all the emerging research as the vaccine was developed and trialed. Dr. Corey shares how powerful the scientific and medical community is when we all work together. 

1:28 Vaccines and your immune system; how the COVID-19 vaccines work.

Vaccine makers mapped the physical and genetic structures of the COVID-19 virus and created a vaccine that mimics the distinctive “spike protein” on the exterior of the virus. When the COVID-19 virus enters your system, the spike protein allows the virus to attach to and enter your cells - making you sick. By introducing just a bit of that spike protein, the COVID-19 vaccine allows your body to recognize that the spike protein is an invader.  So that when the actual COVID virus enters your body, your immune system already has the tools to recognize and attack the virus before it makes you sick. 

3:06 Common side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine and why side effects are a good thing.

After getting the COVID vaccine, many people experience redness and soreness around the injection site. People have also reported headaches, chills, fevers, and muscle soreness among a few other symptoms. What these symptoms share is that they’re all common immune responses. Since the vaccine is designed to activate your immune system to defend itself against COVID-19’s distinctive spike protein, these responses are actually a good thing! It means the vaccine is working as designed. These side effects have typically been mild and short-lived with all the new vaccines.

4:46 Dr. Corey gets his vaccine.

If you're squeamish about needles, feel free to skip this part - no blood! Just a little poke, and Corey was on his way. For those interested, Corey's arm was sore the next day, but no other side effects with this first dose.

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