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13 Aug 2019Asa A. Miller (He/Him)

Creating the best place to work

Creating the best place to work

We are sick of the status quo in healthcare. We are building Brave Care to provide the best care and experience for children and parents. That means rethinking every part of the process and challenging how things have been done in the past.

We are sick of the status quo in startups too. Collectively we have worked at a lot of startups and have seen the good and the bad. We want Brave Care to be our dream job. To do this we are rethinking a lot of things startups normally do.

We want to pay you well, give you time off, and make sure you're taking care of yourself. We know startups take years to build, and we want you around for the long haul. We want to make Brave Care the best job you've ever had.

We negotiate on your behalf

We will make you the best offer we can. It doesn't matter if you're a quiet introvert or you're an expert negotiator. We strive to pay a great salary for your area.

It feels weird to start a long-term relationship, like a job, by trying to beat the other side at a game. There are a lot of people who don't enjoy negotiation or who haven't had much experience with it. Contract negotiation is not a skill we are looking for on our team so we don't want our teammates to suffer if this isn't a skill they have developed. This is especially true for underrepresented people in tech who may not have felt comfortable asking for raises or negotiating in the past. This starts out by us always putting our salary range out first.

Every startup in Portland is competing with San Francisco

More and more Bay Area startups have realized that the best people are not always within 50 miles of San Francisco. We're seeing new satellite offices, distributed teams, and Bay Area founders starting companies in Portland every day. It makes perfect sense - Portland is a great place to live and amazingly talented people live here, so why not hire them!

Unfortunately, many Portland companies haven't realized that we are no longer a small town with small-town salaries. Many companies are looking to pay salaries that would get laughed out of the room in San Francisco. This is especially frustrating when companies don't share their salary ranges until after a lengthy interview process. At Brave Care, we share our salary range for each of our Portland positions.

If you want the best people, you have to pay them the best and treat them the best!

Don't feel guilty for taking time off

There is a secret Silicon Valley doesn't want you to know. The whole "unlimited time off" thing is a trap. Much of the time, employees with unlimited time off actually take less time off. They feel guilty asking for time off. People ask if other people are coming in over the holidays. We don't want guilt trips or peer pressure to work too much.

Taking time off is important and we don't want our teammates to worry about taking too much off, or wonder if their teammates are taking less, or if they won't get promoted if they go on a vacation.

Everyone gets 4 weeks vacation and we want you to take it.

We want people who ask why

We want people who deeply empathize with what we’re doing, whether or not they are parents themselves. Many startups make the mistake of building the wrong thing. We want people who understand why we're building things and if they don't think something makes sense for our patients, to ask why we're doing it.

We want people who know that the goal is not to write software. The goal is to make people's lives better and software is a tool to do it.

We want people who care about the quality of their code but are happy when they get to delete it.

We want owners

We want people to feel ownership over what they’re doing. There are no tickets to pick up in the morning and mindlessly go through. Instead, we want you to think deeply about the issue you’re tackling, figure out the steps that are needed to solve it, and do the work needed to get the product shipped.

We care about you and your family

We cover 100% of the cost of the best health plan in the market for you and your family. Plus all care in our clinics is totally free. We also have a $200/month Health & Wellness benefit for you to take care of yourself. You can use it for the gym, a massage, a fancy tea flight, anything that makes you feel better and happier.

We always want you to have the best job possible

We want to be the best place both personally and professionally for everyone who works with us. If we aren't, we want you to do what's best for you. We never want to hold somebody back for our own benefit. That is not who we are. We seek to create the kind of work environment where people can do their best and most fulfilling work and we create opportunities for them to grow... even if that means growing out of working with us.

Making this a part of our culture forces us to continually work to stay the best place for a candidate to work. We are always improving our culture, opportunities, management style, and processes.

We want to provide the best for our patients and ourselves

Sound like your dream job? Please check out our open positions.

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