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Membership/Primary Care

Can Brave Care be my primary care physician?
What if I don’t live near a Brave Care location? Am I required to come into the office?
Do I need health insurance if I have a Brave Care membership?
Can I use insurance for the cost of my Brave Care membership? If so, how?
Is bloodwork and lab testing covered by my insurance also?
Can I use my FSA or HSA for my membership or other costs?
Why should I choose Brave Care for pediatric primary care?
What if I change my mind about my membership?
How many children can I add to my Brave Care membership?
What is primary care?
Do I need to select a PCP (Primary Care Provider)?
Can I select a different PCP for each of my children?
How can I get my child’s medical records to Brave Care?
What’s the difference between pediatric primary care and family medicine?
What if I can’t afford the monthly membership fee?
How do I pay for my Brave Care membership?
Does my Brave Care membership automatically renew?
How do I change my credit card on file for my Brave Care membership?
What happens if I need a specialist referral?
Is there a minimum contract length or agreement for a Brave Care membership?