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Why Pediatric Advice Chat

Personalized care for one low fee, 
365 days a year

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Trusted experts

We’re a team of pediatric nurses backed by pediatricians and children’s health experts

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Get time back

Send a chat through the Brave Care app & get advice in minutes from the comfort of your home

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High-quality, personalized advice for one low fee. Pricing stays the same no matter how many kids in your family

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$20/mo or $192/yr. Cancel anytime.

How it works

1. Join Chat
Sign up online or through the Brave Care app for one low monthly fee.

2. Send a message
Download the app to send a message to a pediatric nurse to get advice in minutes.

3. Next steps
Our team of pediatric nurses will send clear next steps for your little one. For patients in Oregon and Texas, we also offer telehealth and in-person visits at our Brave Care clinics.

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Brave Care primary care patients 
get Chat for free

If you’re a primary care patient at Brave Care, you get free access to chat with our pediatric nurse team. Contact us to access your promo code for free Chat or learn more about becoming a primary care patient.

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What we give advice on

Pink eyes, weird rashes or COVID–19 concerns, our pediatric team is here when you need us. We also give advice on child development, vaccines, newborn care and more.

Strep throat
Pink eye
Sinus infection
Ear infection
Potty training
Breastfeeding advice
Diaper rash
Head lice
Sleep training
Vaccine counseling
Developmental concerns
Cradle cap

...and much more

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$20/mo or $192/yr. Cancel anytime.

How We Compare

Helping parents save on healthcare

Childhood is filled with sniffles and scrapes and each new stage can bring a new set of questions. Our pediatric team is here to support you with advice for how to treat at-home and when to seek in-person care. No more internet searches or unnecessary medical bills. Chat with our pediatric experts and get peace of mind that saves you time and money.

Pediatric Advice Chat


Office visit


Emergency room

$2,000 - $3,000

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$20/mo or $192/yr. Cancel anytime.

Chat is HSA & FSA eligible.

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Who we are

Chat with pediatric nurses backed by a team of pediatric medical experts
Available when you need us to provide personalized advice for your kiddos
Uniquely trained to provide excellent remote support for your family

“Being part of the team that provides this service to parents and kiddos brings me great joy. As a mom myself, I understand how important it is to have easy access to quality medical advice.”

— Shannon Turner, Triage Nurse

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“Knowing that I can easily get professional care advice when something is off gives me peace of mind. I'm really grateful this is out there for new parents like me.”
Megan, Chat user

Give the gift of peace of mind

Gift the parents in your life access to personalized care and peace of mind in minutes. Whether they’ve got questions on newborn care or a sick kiddo, pediatric health experts are standing by ready to help 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have more questions about Pediatric Advice Chat, check out our FAQs here or reach out to us!

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