Brave Care will stop offering primary care services in September 2023

We will continue to serve our community as Brave Care Pediatric Urgent Care where we will provide excellent pediatric care to your kiddos when they are sick or injured.

Image of Primary Care at Brave Care, mother holding toddler while pediatrician performs an exam

As of September 24, 2023 Brave Care will no longer be offering Primary Care Services such as well visits, annual check-ups, management of medication or chronic health conditions, or all other preventive care.

We will continue to serve our community as Brave Care Pediatric Urgent Care where we will provide excellent pediatric care to your kiddos when they are sick or injured.

At Brave Care our mission is to help every child reach their full potential. Our CEO and Founder, Darius Monsef, along with COO Alex Buchholz, share why Brave Care was founded and how we’re adapting to the current needs of our community in this blog post. Our decision to stop offering Primary Care services will enable us to be the best partner to parents, hospitals, and primary care physicians by directing all of our focus on Pediatric Urgent Care.

To ensure the best care for our Primary Care kiddos, we will work hand in hand with our community’s trusted pediatricians to provide our existing Primary Care patients a smooth transition to their next Primary Care home. If the kiddos in your family currently see Brave Care for Primary Care, then you’ll need to identify a new Primary Care home. Even if your kiddo doesn’t need an appointment right away, it is important to establish care with a new practice as soon as possible.

Brave Care & Metro Pediatrics Partnership

We are thrilled to announce that Brave Care has established a Primary Care partnership with Metro Pediatrics and their excellent team is ready to welcome Brave Care families from the Portland area into their practice. To learn more visit

There are three easy ways to enroll with Metro Pediatrics:

  1. Call Metro Pediatrics at 503-261-1171
    Friendly Metro Pediatrics staff welcome you and help you transfer medical records, book an appointment if needed, and help you set up a MyHealth portal account. With that account you’ll be able to book your own visits, message your provider, access your medical records, and pay your bill.
  2. Book your visit online as a new patient.
    Choose your Metro Pediatrics location and provider at a time and place most convenient for you. As a new patient, we’ll contact you and send important medical information forms for you to complete before your visit.
  3. Complete a New Patient Form
    If you don’t need an immediate appointment, fill out your information here and you will be contacted by the Metro Pediatrics team within two business days. 

What if Metro Pediatrics doesn’t work for my kiddo?

We love Metro Pediatrics because it is a highly regarded practice with skilled practitioners, provides easy access to care, mental health is available at every clinic, and has locations in existing Brave Care neighborhoods. 

We encourage caregivers to find the Primary Care practice that will be the best fit for their kiddo’s individual needs, and there are many wonderful pediatrician options in the Portland area. You can view a list of other local practices accepting patients below. We also encourage you to contact your insurance provider as they’ll be able to provide you information on practices that are within your network.

We are committed to ensuring that our patients receive all the care they need during this transition and to support your family in finding a new Primary Care practice. We love providing care to your family and will continue to be here for you when you need us most as Brave Care Pediatric Urgent Care. Simply walk on in or visit to reserve your spot.

The following Pediatric Primary Care Practices in our community have excellent reputations and are also currently accepting patients:

Portland, OR

  • Sellwood Medical Clinic
  • Pediatrics Associates NW
  • Broadway Medical Clinic
  • Oregon Pediatrics NE
  • Metropolitan Pediatrics
  • Sunset Pediatrics
  • Pure Joy Pediatrics
  • Hillsboro Pediatric Clinic
  • Metropolitan Peds (West Side)
  • OHSU Doernbecher Pediatric Clinic Bethany Village

Austin, TX

  • SW Pediatrics Associates
  • Austex Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Associates of Austin
  • Barton Creek Pediatrics
  • ADC Circle C
  • Bee caves pediatrics
  • 411 Pediatrics

What if I have questions or need support?
Brave Care will continue to be available for visits and support until September 24, 2023. This includes our Night Triage service which is available before 10 am or after 8 pm. To speak to a night nurse call (503) 300-4111 and follow the prompts. Please reach out to our team at or at (503) 300-4111. We'll be standing by to support you.

We already have a Primary Care visit scheduled, will that be changed?
If you have an appointment scheduled on or before September 24th, the appointment will take place as scheduled. If you have questions about your visit or want to reschedule, please reach out to our Primary Care Team at

What if I need to schedule a visit?
We’ll continue to be here to support your kiddo’s Primary Care needs until September 24, 2023. To streamline and ensure that we can get all our patients scheduled for the care they need we are moving scheduling to email. If you wish to schedule a visit please reach out to

What if my child is sick or injured?
You can come see any provider at any Brave Care clinic for your kiddo’s illness and injury care!

What is the best way to find a Primary Care home?
We recommend you contact your insurance provider to identify practices that are within your insurance network. They will have resources to support you in finding your new Primary Care Home.

How do I access Medical Records?
To request medical records be sent directly to you or a medical practice, please complete the included form. Forms must be completed by the patient's legal guardian or by the patient themself if they are over age 18. Medical Record requests are processed within 30 days. Brave Care must retain all records until patients reach age 25 so rest assured that we’ll have them whenever you need them. Brave Care will continue to be available for visits and support until September 24, 2023. We’ll also be available to your new practice should they have any questions once they receive medical records.

Will Primary Care Families still have access to Pediatric Advice Chat?
Brave Care will no longer be offering Pediatric Advice Chat. Please reach out to our dedicated Primary Care Support Team at or at (503) 300-4111 Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm. Our Night Triage service will also remain available through September 24, 2023. We'd also like to introduce you to two of our trusted partners focusing on pediatric telehealth and advice chat:

    Summer Health is happy to offer Brave Care families a free month of access with the promo code "BRAVE". Summer Health is live in all 50 states and responds 24/7 within 15 minutes (average time to respond is 3 mins).
    Blueberry Pediatrics invites Brave Care Families to receive your free at-home medical kit with the code “FRIENDSANDFAMILY”.