Darius A. Monsef (He/Him)
7 Oct 2021Darius A. Monsef (He/Him)

Announcing Our Series B Funding & Partnership

A $25M new round of funding and national partnership with Pediatrix

Announcing Our Series B Funding & Partnership

I’m feeling very proud to announce our $25M Series B funding and our national partnership with Pediatrix (Mednax, Inc. (NYSE: MD)) that will extend the Brave Care experience to kids across the country.  This brings our total funding to $43M which is an incredible amount of trust and belief our investors have in our team and our vision to build the best pediatric care experiences. 

Our company has been a constant effort to drive dramatic change in a legacy industry, while always making sure the quality of our care experiences are never compromised. Often the high growth nature of startups is in direct conflict with quality. We’ve always known we could do big things, in new ways and yet still deliver empathetic and thoughtful care for children that is the best in the industry... beyond industry standards. Beyond where the bar is set in healthcare now, to where it could and should be.

I’m excited for where we’ll go and deeply appreciative for how far we’ve come.

The past 2 years have brought an almost comical number of catastrophes to our front doors… a pandemic, recession, fires, ice storms, heat waves, floods… many challenges that have put a huge amount of stress on our staff… who through all of that continued to deliver wonderful care to thousands of kids. By the end of this year we will have had more than 20,000 patient visits… and maintained an NPS score in the 90s which is exceptional across any industry.

But 20,000 isn’t just a number to us. Those were 20,000 children that needed help. 20,000 parents or caregivers who were worried about somebody who matters most to them in the world. 26 of those were me and my children, so I know intimately how powerful a great care experience for a child can be. I have the highest respect and appreciation for all medical workers who have been on the front lines during COVID, and it is an honor to be able to lead our own team of these exceptional people.

Our mission has always been to help every child reach their full potential… because every child doesn’t only live in major cities or have affluent parents who can afford concierge level medical care. Brave Care provides the most complete pediatric care with primary, urgent care and telehealth… in beautiful clinics, across modern technology and digital tools… affordably.

I’m building Brave Care because my kids deserve it and your kids deserve exactly what my kids deserve… a chance to reach their full potential.

A partnership in vision & mission.

As we’ve grown over the past few years and shared more of our vision, integrity and impact with the world… that awareness has brought us to investment partners who are aligned with our mission and values. I’m very proud of the investors we have to date from the big funds to the angel investors who care not just about our margins… but also about our mission.

That same recognition of our work brought us together with Mednax and Pediatrix, who for more than 40 years has been taking care of kids in their most scary situations. Literally saving thousands of lives in PICUs and NICUs across the country every day.  Their 1,800+ pediatric providers & specialists have also dedicated themselves to a career combined with purpose.

We say we provide the most complete care for kids, but now Brave Care can be a part of delivering TRULY complete care for kids with our partnership with Pediatrix and their specialists. Together we have the opportunity to open 100+ clinics in the next few years, delivering our incredible care experiences to hundreds of thousands of kids all across the country.

Our mission hasn’t changed. 
Our plan to build the best operating system for pediatric clinics hasn’t changed. 
Our plan to design, build and operate the best pediatric clinics hasn’t changed.

Our mission has been accelerated.
Our plans have been accelerated.

Our focus is now even more clear.

There is no better purpose than to improve the life of a child. I’m so honored to make that my life’s work.

Darius ‘Bubs’ Monsef

Parent of 3, CEO of Brave Care

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