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30 May 2019Dr. Corey A. Fish

Sore Throats In Children

Sore Throats In Children

Sore throats in children are commonly caused by infections such as viruses or bacteria, like strep. Sore throats may also be caused by postnasal drip from a cold or allergies or other sources of irritation.  Treatment for sore throat in kids depends on the cause and may range from home remedies like honey or gargling with warm salt water to medicines prescribed by your child’s health care provider.

Signs that your child with a sore throat should be seen by a medical professional

  • Signs of strep throat:  sore throat, fever, stomach pain, or headache.  In younger children, strep may present more like a cold with cough and snot
  • Neck pain or decreased ability to move the neck
  • Any noisy breathing or troubled breathing
  • Sore throat with fever lasting more than 72 hours
  • Not drinking well or concern for dehydration
  • You're concerned about your child

Rapid Testing Service

At Brave Care, we have rapid tests for strep as well as mononucleosis (causes sore throat, tiredness, and enlargement of the spleen, typically in teens). Our team of experts is ready to quickly and accurately diagnose the cause of your child's sore throat. Schedule online, call, or just walk in.

For More Information

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  2. http://www.aboutkidshealth.ca/En/HealthAZ/ConditionsandDiseases/EarNoseandThroatDisorders/Pages/Sore-Throat-and-Tonsillitis.aspx

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